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1 month post lap... endo or IBS?

Hi all

I had my lap on September 1st and they said they found no endo despite me having excruciating pains in the middle of the night in both sides of my lower abdomen... nothing was found endo wise but they said my bowel which should have been asleep when I was, was very lively and fighting them...

Has anyone else been told this and what did you do?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Emma was your lap done in general gynaecology?


Yeah in a general gynaecology unit. Could that affect things? X


Yeah, general gynaecologists tend to miss endo or not recognise all presentations of it. I would suggest you get a referral from GP to a BSGE centre, where the surgeons specialise in endo. Good luck.


Hi Jean.

Thank you for your help. I've not had any of the recurring pains since so I'll see if they happen again then I'll get the re referral

Thank you so much!

Emma x

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