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Prostap? Yay or nay?

I have endometriosis and on Provera tablets progestrone replacement atm don't know if its the progression of the disease or the tablets or something else ... I am unable to work anymore not sure if it would improve my abilities would be improved if I started Prostap Injections or something similar any help would be greatly appricated as I have no support and my doctor doesn't take me seriously just gives me different pain killers nothing is working

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I am on prostap now and i have tried multiple treatments prior to it,but really all prostap is going to do is shut down the brain signals to that area and therefore stop periods.which is a benefit anyway but especially for me as i had a flare up of my endo every month.if your doctor is taking you seriously see another until you find one that does i did and it was the best thing i ever did.i am now under the treatment of specialist because of it.if you dont succeed research your local gynae specialist and ask your doctor for a referal they cant decline you.

Hope it helped.E x


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