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Dr assuming endo

Hi guys. Sorry bit of a long post I'm afraid.

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with PCOS and for the next 7 years any period problems I had I blamed on that, trouble conceiving, pains, heavy periods etc. I also had other symptoms like hair growth and skin tags so never questioned it.

After having 2 children I decided to go on the coil which messed my moods up so then switched to the depo shot. First one was fine then a month after the second one I started bleeding and it lasted for 7 weeks. Worst thing was I was bleeding from both vagina and rectum.

I was given medication to stop the bleeding but that didn't work. Then that's when my gp mentioned endometriosis. When i got home I did some research and the symptoms matched up with mine ie, painful periods pain after sex, back thigh hip pain and previous trouble conceiving.

I had a consultant appointment who said my ultrasound looked normal ie no pcos and no obvious cysts fibroids etc. She said she was assuming I had endo and to go back on the coil and lose 3 stone (I'm rather overweight) and see if that would manage my symptoms. If not then providing I have lost the weight to get referred back to her and only then will she consider a laproscopy.

Is that normal? I'm concerned that as I had and still have rectal bleeding when I'm on a period that it's moved to that and affecting my bowel.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Any advice? X


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