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In need of other opinions

Hello, I'm 24 and new here. My endometriosis has been diagnosed 4 years ago while I was having surgery for appendicitis. I had been in pain for months and no doctor was able to understand why... They thought it was appendicitis but when the appendix was removed they saw it was healthy and they found a focus of endometriosis instead. Since then I've been taking several different birth-control pills but every now and then and during my period pain doesn't go away. Endometriosis isn't the only problem I'm having, since during this last year I've been diagnosed with autoimmune Hashimoto thyroiditis, alopecia areata and I'm now doing tests as I'm suspected to have Crohn syndrome. My life has quite changed and the thought of having to deal with these diseases my entire life is scaring. What makes me think the most, over and over again, is why and how I got all of this. Most of these illnesses are chronic and autoimmune, and doctors don't know how they origin and develop yet. I believe though that every person who is sick and suffering needs to give him/herself an answer, and needs to find his/her own personal reasons beyond medical (poor) explanations. I'm writing here in order to know if some of you has thought about it as much as I did and wants to share answers and thoughts about endometriosis and even other syndromes if afflicted. Thank everyone for whatever you'll be willing to share.

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I can totally relate to you with my severe endo which was diagnose at age of 21. Now im 33 and still suffering. I had severe pains to the point where i would pass out if i tried to stand up during my periods. so i basically had to lie down withering in pain. Then i had a lap which totally took away may pain. But then i was on depoprovera for 06 years untill i get married. it was a pain relief as i had no periods! birth control pills didnt work for me either. But i dont know whether it was a good item to be on depot for that long..


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