Ahhh coil is coming out

So I got my coil in 2 days ago have had awful labor pains since like full contractions. Though I'd have a check and I can feel the 2 sharp pieces at the entrance 😩😩 My uterus must have been pushing it out hence the contraction pain. Also just discovered on weds I have extensive deep endo. Anyone else have the coil coming out on its own.

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The two pieces that you can feel are probably the strings. I too had the coil fitted and it caused horrendous labour pains so had it removed after 2 1/2 weeks and pain subsided to what it was previous, go see your nurse to have it removed, i too have extensive endo so feel your pain


Went to my gp she managed to fix it but said there was a lot of trauma on my cervix from them putting it in. Did your pains not ease at all? I'm currently taking tramadol & co codamol family are helping me look after my toddler. But I'm back to work tomorrow & Monday for a 13hr shift in the nicu so won't be able to take pain relief 😩😩

My pain didn't stop. I honestly felt like I was in labour so I got it removed and within 24 hrs the pain had subsided to what I suffer day to day. Still on pain killers but at least they help now. I was in naproxen and meptazinol which didn't even touch the pain. Good luck with work on Monday c

It happens in 5% of cases. Contact your gp. See keeping track section on this page endometriosis.org/treatment...

Thank you. Went to work on Sunday and had to come home as I started vomiting from the pain. Couldn't take my strong painkillers as I work in a nicu. I'm ringing the gynae Doctor today to see if she can take it out. I'm needing to take tramadol and co codamol just for a little relief and with a toddler to look after its not good.

Yay 🙏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻the gynae Doctor said my coil can come out. I'm so thankful as I've had the worse labor pains now for a week.

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