Worried that they won't find anything

I'm new here, and looking for some reassurance. To make a long story short (I can go into more details in the comments if need be!), my OB-GYN said that I had classic symptoms of endometriosis and that he felt a "nodule" in my RLQ during the pelvic exam, so he is pretty confident that I have endometriosis. I have a laparoscopy on the 4th, and I am terrified that they won't find anything. At this point, I just really want answers. My fiance and family are wonderful and supportive, but they just don't understand why I have this fear. It is also my first surgery ever which adds to the anxiety.

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I have my lap on the 6th and I'm worrying the same things. I think if they tell me nothing was found I'll be devastated, but I'm trying to remember that even if that happens, it's still getting me one step closer to finding out what's causing my symptoms! Afterwards if nothing is found I'll be able to mentally rule it out and move on to checking for other conditions, and if those are inconclusive I can revisit endo later and see if a different surgeon can find something that was missed. It does help that I'm going to a BSGE centre so I'm way more confident the surgery will be thorough than I would be with a general gynae.

It'll be my first surgery ever also, and I'm already quaking in my boots! I hope all goes well for you!

I just need to keep reminding myself that!! Thanks, and you too :)

I also have my first ever lap, and first ever surgery, on the 4th and have the exact same fears!

I think it is because I've been dismissed by doctors for so long - having finally found a specialist who believes me and said he thinks it is likely I have a pretty severe case of endometriosis, I am scared that they will find nothing and everyone who thought the pain was in my head and I just couldn't cope with normal period pain will be right.

So I don't have much advice - but you're definitely not alone in this feeling. Good luck!

Yes!! I feel the exact same way. Thanks! I hope yours goes well and that you heal quickly :)

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