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Ouchie, my back

Not sure why I'm posting - maybe hoping someone can say "Yes, that's endo" I posted about this before but it's getting worse. I've had problems with my back for years, I'd say since I had my daughter almost 4 years ago. It's in the middle of my spine and feels kind of like nerve/twinge pain/ache - like when you far yourself. It flares up when I'm in bed - started mainly when laying on my front but is now all the time, either side.

Last few days my lower back has been AWFUL but that's the endo, that's something i've suffered with since starting periods. I have my next op next week and now had 3 Prostap injections so wondering if things are starting to happen with my ovaries, causing the pain :(

Anyway, with my lower back and middle of back - it's now all kind of merging. I've kept putting off seeing a Dr about my back as got so much going on already but I've made an appt for this morning as need to get this sorted, it's awful.

Anyone know what this might be? I always wonder if I did something during labour? It was 54 hours long, I had an epidural too x

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jar yourself, not far!!


Could it be a slipped disc? It happens to a lot of people especially in the lower back. I'm no doctor so I don't know but my mum has a spinal problem meaning she slips lots of discs and the pain symptoms sound similar. What happens is a trauma can cause a tiny bit of disc to slip. This can then become aggravated by rubbing on nerves on stuff which makes it bigger which makes it hurt more. Sometimes it can be solved with anti inflammatories and physio. Depending where the slipped disc is will depend how long you'd be in hospital if you need an op but a fair few of them are day surgeries x Don't panic and go and see your Gp xxx


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