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Day 25 after surgery ( laparoscopy and hysterescopy

Hi there,

Thanks for everyone who has messaged and replied to me. I had a laparoscopy and hysterescopy three and half weeks ago. I am feeling so low today. I went to hospital on Saturday and put on a drip. (I was so dizzy and couldn't hold any food for a few days). I got an X-ray done and was told that it is still early days but there is lots of trapped air. I have unbearable pain which is making sitting hard. My boyfriend and family have been supportive but today he were so cross that I was lying in bed when that is the only position I feel comfortable in. I have been signed off this week and I think work are getting fed up. I don't mean to be causing all this inconvenience but it's so painful. Taking 4 X co-dydramol and achy and barely eating. I am at my wits end. I never expected recovery to be this long. Has anyone experienced a longer recover period and any tips to ease the pain will be great fully received :( xx

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Hi sorry you are feeling so unwell. Could you ask GP for a different pain killer? It is important have good nutrition after surgery. Maybe you could get some nutritional drinks to take? Walking really helps to disperse the gas. Can you do small amount?

Hope you are feeling better soon


Sorry to hear this. I was in similar situation a few months ago, and what i did was to force myself to walk as much as i can, as that helps recovery, though it could be very painful sometimes. Honestly it won't help if you stay in bed all the time. Take care x


Thank you so much for replying.

I went to hospital yesterday and after running lots of tests I have got an infection - the ultrasound picked it up. Got antibiotics so hopefully that will help.

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