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Double dose of mini pill

Hi, i have stage 4 endo. Found out about 7 years ago. I had a daughter naturally, and then I found out my tubes were blocked and my insides are a mess. Anyway, I had my son through ivf and then prescribed the mini pill micronor. This was all good and I was breastfeeding. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding I got a period every month. I was worried me getting my period will make my endo bad. So anyway, change to combined pill, had no period, but had mood swings, put on weight and I was just miserable. Anyway tried a few, no good! But was great, as in no period. Sorry this is getting long....I went to doctors 3 weeks ago, she gave me micronor again, and said to double the dose. We discussed me staying one pill and seeing if I get period, 2 days in and I got period. So I doubled dose, still on my period. It's been over 2 weeks of bleeding. I have no pain, and it's no heavy, but there's blood. One day nearly anything, one day a lot more. Has this happened to anyone? Is it ok to double the dose?

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