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Liver disease and hysterectom. Also endometriosis

Hi does anyone know if liver disease is linked to endo? I've previously been treated for endo, had a hysterectomy and yesterday I had a liver scan and I've been told I have liver disease xx

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Hi, could it be endo in or on the liver? What did the Dr say about liver? What kind of scan did you have?

I have endo on liver so need to do more investigation.


Oh I'm not sure I didn't know you could get endo in the liver, my scan was done by a radiologist but I've been told to make an appointment asap to see my GP. I have a urology appointment Monday to see what's going on with my kidneys. Hope all goes well for you - how would they treat endo In or on the liver? Xx


I want to ask your question to my consultant!

I guess it is the same way to treat endo any other place but it is not common to have it in or on liver.

So let me know how you get on with the liver part.

My endo on bladder was excited about 4weeks ago.

Is this causing your kidny issue?

I am trying to get appo with my consultant to discuss further treatment and tests. x


Hi I previously had recto vaginal endo and endo on my bladder which was excised 2 years ago, I had kidney stent and hysterectomy April this year since this latest op I have felt a lot worse and now my bloods have shown issues with my liver which is why my GP requested liver scan, my kidneys are under investigation since I had the stent removed but I've only had urine flow test and Monday I should find out if there are further problems with my kidneys and bladder. Xx


Oh and at my hysterectomy my consultant left my right ovary stuck down - I have no idea what it is stuck to but my physio can feel adhesions all down my right side xx


Umm, I wonder why your consultant left the ovary stuck down? Saying that, I am not sure if my consultant have freed my ovaries either.

I didn't realise physios can feel adhesions. Are you seeing a specialist physio for endometeriosis condition? I would be be interested to see a physio to assess my adhesion as well. I am very sure I have endo adhesion on my abdominal wall, just left of my upper stomach. xx


Hi, Clarew23.

There is some overlap in my condition - I have just had excision of recto vaginal and bladder endo. I also had to have excision of endo around both my ureters. I am guessing this what you needed stents in for your case?

I am sorry to hear about your liver, too. Hopefully, the health professionals will find the cause of issues you are having and will try to get it all sorted! xx


Hi I have physio with a pelvic floor specialist xx

I've been told by my GP today that I have cirrhosis of the liver xx


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