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Liver and endo

Hi all,

I may be worrying over nothing and this may not even be connected to endo but I have just found out from my Dr that my liver count is incredibly high and I am being sent for more tests.

I suffer with anxiety and this has come out of the blue and I'm not coping with it very well.

Has anybody else had something similar come up? I have seen other posts on here showing people who have had endo on their liver. Would this show up on a blood test?



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Hi - I assume it is the enzymes that are raised. There will really be no way of knowing without further investigations but medications could be a factor. Are you on a lot of meds and if so which ones? You reported IBS type symptoms which could be caused in part by endo on the bowel and your bowel may be inflamed which could cause it too. I think you are waiting to be seen at a specialist centre so the sooner your endo is treated the better. x


Hi Lindle,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am currently on 20mg Citalopram, 500mg Co-codamol, Naproxen and Omeprazole. My GP didn't seem to think these would cause a problem though and I barely drink so it cant be that.

Still waiting to hear back from the clinic which hopefully wont be too much longer. Just want it to be over and adding possible new problems in to the mix is just such a worry.

Thanks again xx


Hi - Naproxen is on this list I found that can cause it so it may be worth suggesting changing that. If you have the funds for a private referral (perhaps around £250 or so depending on the specialist centre) it would speed things up as you would be seen pretty much straight away and would then transfer to the NHS. Have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre in case they may be of some help.


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Sorry you having such a difficult time Hun, I'm very unsure about wether this would show or no. I'm sorry you suffer from anxiety and you currently take citlaopram I used this med few years back though I found cbt Cognitive Behaviour Therapy councilling was brilliant help Hun I was refered to one by my gp I was lucky and didn't wait long for an appointment he was so good also relaxation CDs are brilliant good luck and here if you need to speak xxxx

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Hi Deb,

Thank you for your support. I too have tried CBT and I felt at the time it was helping but as I am still on the meds I guess it didn't help enough. I do still try the techniques I was given and luckily I haven't had many panic attacks recently so it must be doing something. I may look in to some relaxation CDs though. As the endo was the original cause for the anxiety and depression the fact that it is back is making my recovery slower.

Thank you again for all your kind words. It really is a comfort to speak to people who understand what it's like.



Hi Beth

You are going through so much and have so many emotions Hunni, just because you felt the cbt worked it doesn't mean you have to be of the medication and with everything you are going through I'm glad the citlaopram is still working for you, so glad you haven't had many panic attacks as they really are the worst I totally understand how this has made you feel I saw cbt when I had my we boy and they were convinced it was the change in my hormones that made me feel how I did and your right the endo makes me feel similar I've been given diazepam and have been put on a pill for 3 months to try prevent pain maybe that would help you Hun, your not alone so glad to be of some help speak soon take care Hun just shout if you need anything xxxx

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Hi I found your post as I was searching for liver in relation to endometriosis (which I have) I recently had blood tests for something else and my liver function came back as abnormal and my iron is a bit low *however I'm on gonapeptyl which has stopped my periods sp unsure how the low iron fits in.

But that aside, I wondered how you have got on since thus post?

Also wondered how the endo on your liver was diagnosed as I fear that I may also have it.

Painfree thoughts for all the endo sufferers xx



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