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Testicular pain

I have suffered with pain in my testies since october 2006

It started out of the blue and in the left testical as a dull ache and over the years grew stronger and stronger. It developed in the right side after a couple of years and the right side would be less frequent but far more sharp. the left side became more intense and is now pretty much constant.

I have been going through many tests with GP, Urology, Pain management clinic including ultrasounds and blood tests, urine tests etc but they have never found any underlaying cause.

This weekend while doing nothing but laying on the sofa I had an extreme pain in the left side that i can only describe as like my testical was in a tight vice and someone was sawing at my tubes with a rusty saw, after 2 hours i took myself to hospital as by this point was in extreme pain in both testies and the left had retrached upwards roughly 1/2 way past the right.

At the hospital after being fondeled by 5 doctors and a surgeon they ruled out testicular torsion but the ultrasound showed a low blood supply to both testies and inflammed tubes on both sides. They ended up sending me home with antibiotics like they have done on many occassions over the years (ciprofloxacin) with a possible diagnosis of epididmites, i was told to go to my GP as soon as i could and get a referral for urology.

At the doctors this morning (new doctor other then my usual doctor) he gave me the referral but after examination said there is a possibility that it could well be testicular torsion that twist itself back and forth with movement.

I have in total been prescribed many pain relief and other drugs for the condition but am currently prescribed

600mg gabapentin 3tpd

50mg ciprofloxacin 2tpd

100mg tramadol 3-4tpd

30/500 co-codamol 2 tablets up to 4tpd

Has anyone else suffered anything remotely similar and have any advice.

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Mate you are on the wrong forum, this is a forum for ladies with endometriosis & their families etc

Theres very few testies here, sorry


Hi, I'm guessing that maybe you have posted your query on the wrong site.

I know that some men do get Endometriosis - I think I'm correct in saying that Medics still do not know why - but I don't know what the symptoms are in men, or if what you describe has any link to male endo. I hope someone else can offer better advice.

If you were not posting here, because of any possible connection of your pain to male endo, then I think a good search around on 'Health Unlocked' might lead you to some other health sites that deal with men's conditions, and you could find something that tallies with your experience.

Hope you get some help, take care.


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