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Is this endo related?

Or something else completely different?

I've had this for ages now, I *think* before my first laproscopy. It's my spine/back - it aches/hurts a lot when laying down in bed. I can't lay on my front as that's when it flares up, it's so uncomfortable. It's not lower back ache - I get that too and have ALWAYS had that since starting my period. This is higher up and it just feels like it's around my spine.

Last night was the first time it seems to be worse as I also couldn't lay on my back either :( I kept having to go on my side and it still felt a bit bad like that.

I keep thinking I should go to my GP but to be completely honestly, I'm too embarrassed to. As he'll be like "Wow, something else wrong with you then...." He'll think I'm a hypercondriac :'( I'm definitely not making this up though, it's so horrible. I'm not sleeping well at all thanks to the Prostap, and now if I do fall asleep - my back is waking me up again. ARghhhhhh :(

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I have endometriosis and scoliosis as well as a fused bone in my neck. My scoliosis happened after purberty and my pain is the worst when I lay on the curve. And it does feel like it's in your spine, scoliosis can appear at any age too.

You just need an X-ray to rule it out if you don't. It's managed with Physiotherapy, and if spinal surgery if severe enough or I you can't correct it.

All the doctor will have you do is bend over infront if then and they can see if 1 side is up. You can ask someone to check for you too. Or in some cases you might be able to see yourself.

My left rib cage sticks out when I lay down, I always thought it was b/c I was skinny but even when I gained weight I could see my ribs.


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