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Cyst and pain


I have recently been hospitalised twice in agony with vomiting. I was also taken back to hospital last night in pain. The ultrasound and CT they did 3 weeks ago showed I have a cyst on my right ovary, they didn't tell me this at the time! (my pain is mostly right, next to belly button and under ribs/around back) I have endometriosis on my bladder and also adenomyosis. Iv seen a new gynaecologist privately and I'm waiting for a laparoscopy with a cystoscopy at the same time to remove some disease. He has advised I take 2 cerelle pills a day, which iv been doing. However, it says on the leaflet not to take if you have/have had ovarian cysts? I'm confused now as to weather to carry on with them or not as I don't want to bleed again. I have emailed him but I'm not sure I'll get a reply over the weekend.

All of this pain and nausea/exhaustion is affecting me mentally I think, as I can't do much at the moment.

Thank you :)

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