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So so exhausted....mental and physical

Hi Ladies,

I'm 19 and I've been diagnosed with endo following a years worth of pain, ovarian cysts, having my appendix removed and general symptoms of endo.

I have just gone to a private doctor who is a specialist in endo and fertility. I am going in for my laparoscopy next Friday, however this week alone I've had to take two days off due to severe stomach ache (following finished time of month).

I am so tired, my body and brain are tired and I'm struggling to stay awake during the days but struggle to sleep when I try to sleep.

Has anyone got any ideas, methods or any advice to help curb this?

Thank you so much xx

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Hello from Canada, I'm 17 so I know how it feels to be isolated with this, I now have 1 good day a month kinda thing and if I push it its excruciating pain for the next week. I've had pain and endo issues since I was 8 (1st period).

Can you go to a pain management clinic where you are? They can help you to mange the pain and give you exercises since they have physiotherapists.

I have pelvic floor dyfunction from endo so it might be a good idea to go see a physiotherapist to get treatment options.

I take naproxen 550 each day, what pain killer are you on?


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