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Daily mild cramps, pain on passing wind and (tmi) deficating, also ...adhesion pain


Something has really bothering me for the past couple of months. I had my 2nd lap in December and noticed some relief straight away. Pain started to creep back in so in April I had the Mirena coil put in... I found myself having to take increasing amounts of pain relief so I went to my GP for help. She recommended amatriptyline 10mg nightly... I started this and gradually upped my dose to 30mg a night but still am finding that all day everyday i have mild cramps that worsen with activity and with passing gas and deficating. My question is, can the endo be back already? Am I crazy for wanting more surgery? If anyone can give me some advice or their personal story I'd be very grateful. Sorry for the rambling post!

Thank you xx

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Hi! I am just curious, have you ever linked your problem to your bladder or urinary tract problems? I had my excision in June and it was really a success all my previous problems are gone. However, I also experience mild cramping in my low abdomen which I think is my bladder. I don't really have terrible frequency and urgency but the pressure/discomfort is there and my bladder area is sensitive to touch. I had two urine tests which showed trace of blood but no infection! Before the surgery my urine test is always normal.

That's why I am wondering whether yours could be related to bladder too. What do you think?


Mine could also worsen with activity


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