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prostap3 injection

I have an undiagnosed illness which makes my eyes,ears,nose,mouth,scalp etc bleed, i suffer from really bag migraines and sickness. Doctors thought it could be endometriosis 8months ago I was given the prostap injection and was told it'd run out in may, but it still hasn't ran out I've gained so much weight and still going through all the menopausal symptoms. I was just wondering how long it last for with other people?

Also 3weeks ago I had a laparoscopy and no endometriosis was found! But my incisions still bleed a bit now

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Endo can be found in any part of the body...the only part it hasnt is the spleen but nobody knows why??! Prostrap usually wears off within a month after the dose is supposed to but my symptoms lasted longer and it gave me terrible depression. I am unable and unwilling to have anymore as you are only allowed 2 courses as it can actually make your body go into a real menopause. The only respite I get is after pregnancy but it differs from person to person. Hope you feel better soon if things arent working to relieve your symptoms then just keep going back its the only way to get help xxx

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Thank you for you're help xxxx


See why I'm so pissed .

I've got to stop reading and recooperate from all these doctors stories .

Bleeding from ear , nose etc

My god

First one won't even look for disease

Another treats you for endo without the symptoms

Assuming doctors

This has got to stop and the only ones who can stop it are paying clients .

There has to be a better way to get health care

There just has to

I think if I need surgery in the future I'll do it myself.

Really !! I know it sounds stupid but no more so than these doctors I'm reading about

There should be a way to sue doctors who act like that

In fact I bet there is

Check with a lawyer

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