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Foward tilting uterus and endo... Related or am I being stupid?

Hey everyone I have a foward tilting uterus (found when I first had investigations into endo pain) I was told this was why I was having pain during sex. Only to realise it wasn't just when sex was occurring, I was getting pain anyway!

I was wandering is anyone else's tilted foward like mine and have they heard anything from specialists about if they are related or not? could this be something that makes the pain worse (as it's supposed to move and not get stuck in foward/back tilting positions)?

Anything to help stop me thinking would be great! 😊⭐️

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I have the same issue with tilted uterus and was also wondering if it made issues worse, bladder and bowel pain especially when I lie down or move into a sitting position . But have not had any feedback if the tilted uterus makes things worse or different I have gyne appointment on Friday though so shall be asking. Sorry to hear you have the same pains .

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It could be b/c of adhesions from the endometriosis, endometriosis can result in your uterus being attached to something causing it to be pulled forward b/c it stuck. I've heard of the uterus seeing tilted backwards b/c of endo making it stick to the bowel.

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Hey sweets

I also have forward tilting - it is my understanding that over 70% of uteruses tilt forward or backward. I get pain before I need to do a wee or bowel movement, when I have inflammation. It is not all the time during the month when I am being healthy, just the days around my ovulation and period. If I need to wee between ovulation and menstruation i also find it near impossible to hold it in because the uterus applies pressure to the bladder - I get pain also during some sex, but I find some positions better than others so I go by trial and error.


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