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Hysteroscopy worries

Hi all I have been told I need a hysteroscopy but I am worried as I am quite overweight and I know I maybe at risk of complications? I haven't been told if it's under general or local although I am due to see the anaesthetist on the 14th October. I am on blood pressure tablets and thyroid tablets too I need to try and calm my anxiety.

Also do you have to have the procedure or can you choose for example not to until you have lost weight. I have had no abnormal bleeding and my monthlies are not as heavy or painful since April this year and I got told about the procedure in February. TIA xx

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Hello Nickster38, can I ask you what it was that took you to the doc and then a gynae doc that made them decide on hysteroscopy? Do you know what that entails? Really you don,t HAVE to have any medical treatment you don,t want, an anaesthetist might offer to do a spinal numbing; a bit like an epidural, you will be numb from under you breast downwards to your feet and it last about 2-3 hours before is wears off; you could ask for that if you are concerned about your blood pressure as I am sure the anaesthetist will be too, there are not usually any complications from a hysteroscopy usually answers if there is something that they find. Have you had a pre op assessment yet? Ask about these things when you go, take a list of your concerns, if you,ve had a pre-op assessment then the final decision is when you see your surgeon on the day to sign consent for the procedure, You can decline even at this stage, don,t be afraid its YOUR body! come back if you need further clarification.


They believe I may have polyps have had scans tho they are not certain there is anything there. I have my pre op on the 14th October and it's all because I have been missing periods out then having longer ones i.e 2 in 1 but as I say since April they have pretty much returned as normal and have been on time give or take a few days .


Hi again- polyps are not usually a serious issue but they do cause period problems and pain, they are usually quite small, do you know if they are inside your uterus or outside or cervical? Polyps can be so small you would wonder how they cause so much upset! Are your smears up to date? If they are and they are good then only you can decide if you want to go ahead.. As I said you can say "No" on the day, The hyster scope goes inside your uterus to look in there, outside is usually a laparoscopy.. You can still ask for a spinal if you are worried about pain.. You wouldn,t be expected to go home in in either way.. Good Luck come back and tell us how it went.


Yh all my smears are upto date and not had one problem I will have a think about it and decide but this has helped thanks


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