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Endometrosis fatigue

Fatigue. Never felt so tired lately. I don't know if it's endo on the bowel, having no ovaries, or the oestrogen blocking spray. All my bloods are okay so it's not anaemia or diabetes. Hopefully my mri scan will show something up as fed up with the pain right lower side . I said to my gp it's like appendicitis but I haven't got an appendix. I take tibolone as only 46 years and my mum has severe osteoporosis. My bone density scan was okay. Everything is so confusing with this disease. Colonscopy was a failure. I had more energy 3 months post op major surgery than I do now. Really need some energy. Day off sleeping today. It's hard juggling illness, children, dogs and work. At least now I'm at a bsge centre so if I need further surgery on my bowel I feel safer. My local hospital gynae said I may need further laproscopy/bowel resection , referral to colorectal surgeons. Awaiting on what Bsge centre says. MRI SCAN eventually due monday. I had an urgent ct scan pre xmas just to check I didn't have a bowel obstruction. Endo doesn't show up on ct scans. All the doctors now that right? Doesn't really show up on colonoscopy unless deep infiltrating endo. The fact they couldn't get scope around first bend is worrying. But the doctor reckons it's because of prev extensive surgery. Will there ever be a cure for endo? Let's hope by participating in research at the specialist centres a cure one day will be found. Life is difficult at times. Petty arguments and trivial things get on my nerves. I wasn't meant to have my ovaries and appendix out 2 and 1/2 years ago but my ovarues had turned into huge chocolate cysts and were densley adhered to my left sigmoud colon, my right ovary was wrapped around appendix abd stuck to bowel. I had a normal ovaruab ultrasound 9 months pre surgery . I'm not bitter far from it something could have ruptured. I just wish a cure could be found. I know I'l most probably need further surgery which is frightening after last time. My gynae at local hospital said he thought that starving the residual disease of oestrogen ( medically treating it) would kill it off. He said my appendix and pelvis area was badly diseased . Endo is complicatedhence why more research is needed. Thanks Lindle for directing me to the right site and nhs guidelines. My gp had never heard of bsge endo centres. As long as it was nhs centre she was more than happy to refer me. It's about working together to empower women for the best outcome for this awful disease. Helping each other and giving support is what this site is about.

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I can give a few tips for fatigue, smelling peppermint essential oil, it makes my head feel less heavy (I think my fatigue is related to vertigo). Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, that way you'll wake up but you have a longer time to get ready, I sometimes get a heating pad and sit with it when I wake up. Painkillers, my body felt like cement this morning and after my Naproxen kicked in I could move.

Before there's a cure there needs to be a cause and I think that's the problem, it's been around for so long, and it effects so many women in the world that they just seem to downgrade the pain.

Did you know the ancient Greeks hung up women upside down between 2 ladders and shook her to aid 'displacement' of the womb?

Also guess what actually got them to look for a cause? A few men got it, like having 1/10 women wasn't enough for them to look for one?

I just don't understand the medical system, women have a higher pain tolerance then men naturally but when we complain about our periods (which end up being an autoimmune disease) we're thought of as 'wimps' and told its normal or just a bad period. But when a man gets heart burn he's brought into ER for heart attack? I've seen it happen here, I'm not joking.

One time I even went to emergency for pressure chest pain and I said I was on my period b/c I was asked and my chest pain was put as abdominal pain by triage (I'm known for bad periods), and they didn't see me for a while and the doctor got really mad b/c they found out it was a bad reaction to the medication I was taking for cramps not the actual cramps.


Lol the two ladders. Thanks for reply. I haven't got a womb either that's what I originally went to theatre for in 2014. I'm lucky my general gynae is a man but he's so sympathetic, totally empathised with me post theatre and pre op. He has always listened. Some women are abrupt and don't understand . I remember 3 years ago having to beg my gp for an ultrasound informing her I had been induced twice on the IV inductuon meds in labour. I was then granted a transvaginal ultrasound which showed a small polyp. I saw a female reg who brushed my pain aside as though I was mad. It was only after eventually seeing a male consultant I got some sympathy and much needed surgery. He was devastated when he came to see me post op but at least I didn't need a bowel resection at the time and he managed to free the ovaries from the bowel. Always been there for me and sorted out hormones . My husband is like I can''t believed you worked day before surgery; did the shopping and housework. I think that's why I'm worried now, same tiredness, same if not worse rt sided pain.

I have to get up 30mins early and take hormone meds, buscopan; synarel and antidepressants before I can function.

Did school run then went back to bed. Over done it in school hols, work etc. Hopefully start my swimming again if I can manage. I know exercise is good for endo sufferers.

? Autoimmune disease a bit like pre eclampsia. But with pre eclampsia they found it was most probably a placental problem/immune prob which after research the obstetrician put me on aspirin. Unless you have gynae/obstetric history it's hard for other women to comprehend it's not just period pain !!


I agree, but if courses in school like sex Ed said something about endo, PID, and PCOS I have a feeling we wouldn't be having these issues b/c the medical system would be less behind.

Endometriosis is an autoimmune disease b/c your immune system is fighting the endo (itself) and the endo is also screwing it up so it's harder for the immune system to fight stuff.