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Help and advice please..long

I was diagnosed with abominal wall endo July this year after having surgery to remove a painfull mass from above my c section scar. Ive had pain all around the incision site, up by belly button and by my hip since before the surgery but only that one mass was shown on ultrasound and mri so they went in and removed it thinking it was a suture granuloma and it came back from the lab being endo.

Im now really struggling with the pain and feel I have no where to turn. I have never suffered with heavy or painfull periods so never had any symptoms of endo before. The general surgeon who removed the mass said it was implanted during the c section and I prob have not got endo in my pelvis and just confined to this area through c section! Iv seen a gynaecologist who has ordered an internal ultrasound and mentioned a laparoscopy but is focusing more on the typical endometriosis rather than the type I have and I feel like he is not listening when I mentioned it being caused by the c section he shut me down and said its not! I feel like its going to be missed with him looking for regular endo which I have not got meanwhile im left in terrible pain and really struggling to look after my 2 year old and do anything physical without being in pain. This is really impcacting everything in my life including work as I have been off sick for months with this pain and may be dismissed because of this. I was reffered to pain management who i went to today and was useless just telling me to take painkillers which I already am and still in pain! Just feel like im hitting a brick wall constantly with this as no one understands!! So frustrating!

Any advice on how to find and be reffered to an endo specialist i would really like to see someone who specialises in extra pelvic endo too!

Thanks in advance for reading this long post i would really appreciate any advice x

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Where in the UK are you?


Liverpool x


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