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Trying for a baby

My boyfriend and I have agreed to go to a fertility centre to see if we are able to have a baby. We had his mum and dad over last night and discussed childern and it's made us realise how much we do want to have our own family and how much we love each other. How do I go about finding the nearest clinic to us as my GP hasn't been very helpful and has just told me to try and if i don't fall pregnant in the next year he will send me to the neariest clinic.

Kind regards,


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Hi there,

Unfortunately it is usual practice for Drs to wait to send you for fertility tests until you have been trying for at least a year. However, if you have endometriosis and have been trying for 6 months you have a right to try and ask to be sent earlier due to health reasons for endo can impact on fertility. But it up to the individual GP whether they do this or not. Usually they will then send you to a Gynaecologist to do the tests such as bloods, sperm test, HSG, ovulation tests etc.

It may be you can apply privately to a fertility clinic and they do the tests but I am not too sure about this. Then it is down to google and putting in fertility clinics near..... Most clinics have information evenings where you can go and see the place for yourself and get a feel for the place and staff.

I had to go through my GP, then to a general gynaecologist and then after all the tests and Laparoscopy due to the findings I was then referred to a fertility clinic on the NHS due to only option for us being IVF. Again this is post code lottery as to how many NHS tries at IVF you are allowed and it is based on your GP's address. Unfortunately we fall into the only 1 go on NHS. However it is currently postponed at the moment due to other issues that arisen along the IVF process.

It is all a long, emotional journey from getting the start into investigations and going through it all. As if we dont have enough to deal with having endo! Plus all the men have is a blood test and sperm test..us women go through so much more! But we are more complicated I suppose?!

Best of luck for your journey x


Thank you for being so helpful! I agree that if we try for at least 6 months and I'm still not pregnant then hopefully they can refer me to a fertility clinic or a gynaecologist. We are both still young (both in our early/mid 20's). My sister was told after her 2nd child she wouldn't be able to get pregnant again and she ended up falling pregnant with her 3rd child and my other sister has just had twins so fingers crossed I will be as lucky as them.

My sister has said if I am unable to carry a child she will carry them for me so I suppose there is some sort of silver lining??

Thank you again :) x

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You are more than welcome. Glad my ramblings were of some help.

Must be hard for you seeing your sisters successfully getting pregnant and you feel mixed emotions of happy for them but upset and a little angry that it not the same for you. Very kind of your sister offering to be a surrogate.

Once again best of luck with it all x


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