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Hi everyone,

I was told by a gynaecologist that I have adenomyosis about 2 years ago. Its driving me mad. I get awful bloating, gas, cramps, back pain and fatigue. It also causes pain during sexual intercourse.

I was told to wait for menopause (I'm 48) but this could still be years off? I have a health condition that means I'd be at risk of not tolerating general anaesthetic very well so a hysterectomy is a worry, even though at times I'm sorely tempted. Other than that I was offered hormone therapy (can't remember the name) but the side effects & need to take zolidex put me off.

Are there any other options? Has anyone had success with the drug treatment?

I have an appointment with gynaecologist in October. I'm hoping for some help. I can't wear my favourite clothes! I hate my stomach & I'm paranoid of how large my tummy swells and feel unattractive at times.

Any advice welcome,


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