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My first post!

Hi everyone, I've just joined up hearing about the forum from 'Lorraine' this morning! I've been suffering from symptoms for many years, as well as other gynaecological issues, but was only diagnosed August 2015 through my first lap. I've battled with doctors to help me discover the root of my problems since I was 17, but had issues as they believed me 'too young' to look into further. I am now 23 years old.

My consultants have made it apparent to me that because of my endo I should consider starting a family sooner rather than later, which I have now begun to pursue, but it seems like a never ending battle with the pain as it makes sex difficult and stressful and the constant pain makes me feel drained and I find myself napping every other day. Pain relief is also pretty useless... I seem to be cuddling up to a hot water bottle more than my fiancée!

Has anybody else had the same issues? I'm concerned that this could hurt my chances of conceiving and if anyone has gone through anything similar it would be great to hear from people going through the same issues as me.

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Hi Kerry, did they remove the endo during the lap?


Hi Jean, yes they did remove what endo they found during the lap but the pain is never ending. They've unfortunately discharged me from the gyno clinic as we discussed trying for a baby they have kind of left me to try to conceive. They gave me no pain relief or advice on discharge either.


Was you under a bsge centre, or genral gyne? Do you know where the Endo was removed from?


I was under the general gyne. And I'm not quite sure were they removed it from they didn't really explain.


Hi Hun where in uk are you? If you are in England then have a look at the BSGE website and find a specialist near you then go back to GP and ask for referral to them. It sounds to me like some endo has been missed, which unfortunately happens a lot in general gynaecology.


I'm from Liverpool UK, and I've never heard of BSGE so I'll definitely look into it! I was definitely surprised when they discharged me after giving me no treatment so this might be a good source. Thankyou if I'd never have joined this forum I'd have never have known there was another option to look into. I've had alot of MRI'S but they say they can't find anymore endo.


Yeah it doesn't always show up. It depends on how deep it is . Definitely get that referral though Hun . A specialist really does make a lot of difference. Let me know how you get on and if you need any help I'm here.

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