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First appointment with Gynae as GP suspects Endo - any advice?

Hello, first time posting here, but i've been round the houses (!) and had endless inconclusive tests trying to get some answers to my health issues for some time (a decade or so) and after seeing a new GP (and having had a TVS that showed 'three small fibroids') she has now referred me for the first time to a Gynae as she suspects Endo... I was a bit taken aback, as no doc has ever suggested it before, but not all that surprised as i've had hellish periods all my life but the most recent symptoms have included extreme ovulation pain bang on day 14 every month (which i used to experience years ago but which resolved on its own eventually - it returned about 2 yrs ago), as well as on-going issues with bowels (had colonoscopy and endoscopy 4 years ago and got the dustbin diagnosis of IBS - gastro doc was convinced i had Crohn's or UC before the test, symptoms were that bad) and for the last two years raging insomnia, which is just awful, and in some ways the worst symptom i have. I'd been putting it all down to peri as i'm 49yrs old but my cycle is still pretty regular, and this particular GP is a sharp cookie and seems to think that Endo is the possible cause of it all rather than fast approaching menopause. I have an appt for late Oct so i am counting the days, but i am terrified, to be honest, as i have no idea what to expect and if all these symptoms could really be Endo? I'm having a good look round this site and all the great info here, but any advice anyone can offer prior to appointment would be wonderful. Has anyone else been diagnosed at a similar age and what about the insomnia - could that really be Endo related? Thanks (p.s i am in London and the hospital i am going to has a BSGE centre)

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