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Life is hell


Im 26 year old.. I got married 2 years ago.

I was diagonized with PCOD a year back . Was taking treatment with the doctor .

Last week i did my pelvic scan and found that i have 4 chocolate cysts ( 2 in each ovaries). Both my ovaries and uterus is attached because if the cysts .

My CA 125 result is 87.3 U/mL .

Doctor told that she will compress the cysts with medicines.

Is that possible?

Will I be able to conceive. I'm very anxious to conceive .

I'm very scared and depressed and have lost all hopes and i have full negativity in my life.

Hi ,

Writing it once again for waiting for some response from the community.

27th Sep i had my laproscopy surgery, On october 5 th doc gave me luprodex injection 3.75 depot and has asked me to take two more injections .

October 16th is my preiods date. can i have my periods when im taking this injection.

both my tubes are healthy that is what doctor told me when they did my laproscopy.

Can I be pregnant after this injection taken for 3 months.?

Any1 please reply to my post .. Im waiting

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