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Please help

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis in January 2014, which was removed.

Wondering if anyone can give me any advice or help. I had posted previously about ongoing discharge/old blood, which I have had everyday (excluding when I have my period) for 8 months.

I went to my GP on Tuesday, and have found out that I have been discharged by the gynaecology department, it doesn't state why this is but I'm assuming it is because they referred me to a pain management clinic, which was of no help.

Whilst at my GP I listed all of my symptoms that have gotten worse over the last 8 months including water retention, severe bloating, night sweats, hot flushes and the ongoing discharge. She has recommended blood tests to check my hormones and thyroid as I haven't had them in over a year. Whilst there she also gave me an internal exam and found that I have quite a large cervical erosion.

She has referred me back to the gynaecology department, and also recommended I come off my pill to see if this is possibly the cause of the discharge and also as it may be the cause of the erosion. I had been on microgynon and cilest over the last 12 months.

I'm asking for advice as now I have been off of the pill for 2 weeks my pain, specifically rectal pain has come back full force. I was in agony last night with it, to put it bluntly it feels like there is a fist in my rectum, I can't get comfortable at all, and it is still happening today. I have already discussed this with my GP and Gyny and they don't seem to understand just how painful this is. It is by far the worst pain I get, it makes me dizzy, nauseous and I get cold sweats. I am starting to really worry that if this gets worse now that I am no longer taking my pill that I will be unable to go to work as it really does leave me on the floor with pain.

I'm wondering if anyone else gets this and if so what helps, I'd also like to know if I could be getting my period this quickly after only being off the pill for 2 weeks? I'm not very happy with having to come off of my pill as I have been using it for 13 years and am terrified that my periods will go back to how they were when I was 13 (very heavy and lasting up to 20 days).

I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis , which was removed, however I do not know where it was found as it does not say on my notes. I have also had a colonoscopy to see if I had any endometriosis in my rectovaginal septum but also because they suspected IBS, since then the care I have received has been very poor and i get the feeling that the Gyny's think I have been cured or that there is nothing more they can do for me. I am unable to attend the BSGE clinic in Edinburgh as I live Fife but I am going to bring this up with my consultant.

I really am at the end of my tether now, so any help would be so appreciated.

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I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties.

I feel your pain, I came off the pill 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. And immediately all my pain came back 10x worse with nasues,dizziness, hot sweats. I'm floored most days, I had to give up work as I physically wasn't capable. I've literally just been put back on the mini pill to try help with pain. I usually take menfanamic acid along with paracetamol and Ibuprofen. And I'm usually attached to a hot water bottle too! And if I'm having a really bad day I'll lay in a hot bath for aslong as possible. But I'm sure as you'll know sometimes you just can't do anything to help it. It's completely possible it's grown back for you. I hope you get some help soon.


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