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Hi girls!

I'm very new to all of this but just wanted to talk to some people going through the this and a bit of advice really.

So about 4 years ago I was back and forth to the doctors as I was constantly bleeding for months on end and during/strait after intercourse. Also having lots of pain in my lower right abdomen.

The doctor put the pain down to constipation (I find I can get quite constapated on times) and took me off the injection and I had a marina coil. The bleeding seamed seamed to stop but I was still getting the pain in my stomach (sometimes really pain full) but I just took pain killers and just sort of got on with it because what else can I do?

My partner has been away for a few months with work but came back on the weekend. The pain in my stomach got so intense I went into hospital but they couldn't find anything wrong. The pain seamed to ease of the next few days with the help of lots of painkillers then I had intercourse with my partner and it was just so painful and we had to stop.

As well of this I'm just so tired all the time and just feel so week. I never feel fresh in the morning. Some times the slightest thing can make me burst into tears.

I went to the doctors and she suggested it might be endometriosis the more I look into it the more everything just fits together. I'm looking at having to wait a month or so to get tested and I am just terrified I will not be able to have a family and will never get over this tiredness, moods and constant pain.

Has anyone got any advise and do my symptoms sound like anyone elces?

Thank you for reading.

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Hey Jess - I was diagnosed about six years ago, but I had known for years before that I had endometriosis as my mum had it, so I'd grown up seeing her in pain, and she knew the symptoms all too well. Even with that knowledge I had to beg my doctor to refer me to a specialist consultant, but before that I had to jump through the hoops of being treated for IBS as the symptoms can be similar.

I was really surprised at how many women have this when I started to talk openly with girlfriends and at work, but everyone I've spoken to experiences it in a different way. The symptoms you describe do sound similar to mine though and I really sympathise with you as it can be utterly sh*t and I've had times when I feel that all I do is whinge and moan, and I then get paranoid that people think I'm being a drama queen because it's just a bit of period pain which is normal right...ha!

If you're waiting for a referral then in my opinion you're doing the right thing to try to research the condition and gather as much information as you can. That way you can go armed with a list of questions.

Another thing to do is to keep a diary of your symptoms as this can then be tracked against your cycle. Also, it might sound silly, but I felt that I was at least doing something productive by keeping a diary, rather than just being passive and waiting for a Dr to tell me what to do. I used a period tracker app.

Please don't be scared - I know that's easy for me to say, but I have felt like I'm at the bottom of a deep dark pit at times too. I have fairly advanced endometriosis, and so I have a laparoscopy every couple of years to basically hoover out all of the crap that's sticking my insides together. I'm due to have my next one in just over a month. I had a mirena coil fitted and that seemed to slow it down a bit.

Yeah, I get down, and I hate the pain, and sometimes I'm just so bored of talking about it, but I also have long periods of feeling absolutely fine. I'm 33 and so also have the worry about having kids, but I know women who have conceived naturally in spite of having endometriosis.

I don't know if this post will help or not, but I hope it reassures you that you're on the right path.




Hi Becky,

I totally agree, I am so shocked about how many women have endo and how little info there is on it.

Thank you, I got a call today I'm having a scan on Wednesday. So hopefully I will get some answers. With regards to the pain do you get it constantly or do you find it just when your due on/during a period?

The tiredness has really got to me this week but I'm not sure if that is because I'm worried about everything or if it is down to endo.

Thank you



I dont have periods now I've got the coil, but it took about a year for them to stop. Right now I have pain all the time, but the level goes up and down for some reason. Just counting down the days until my next laparoscopy...

I hope your scan goes well!


Thank you Becca,

Hope all goes well with you next laparoscopy(:


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