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Leg pain - constant ache

I got diagnosed with endometriosis in January 2015 through having a laparoscopy. The consultant said it was mild and hasn't caused any damage.

Having endo plays me up but I'm on the contraceptive bill to try and keep it at bay, which I believe helps.

Over the past couple of months I've starting getting really bad aching legs, mainly in the fronts of my thighs. I hurts whether I do exercise or not but when I have exercised the pain is much worse. I feel like I need to stretch my legs out all the time but it never takes the pain away.

I've read that endo can cause leg pain but websites don't tend to describe it. Does anyone else have aching thighs from endo? I'm worried there is something else going on.

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I get hip and thigh pain (right side only) when I'm in a lot of pain I also get shooting pains too. I haven't been diagnosed with Endo, I'm still waiting for my lap. I haven't any tips to how to even help it as I haven't found anything, sorry!


Thank you for responding! Mine is worse on the right but that's because I only have one ovary and that's on the right, I get hip pain and back ache also. Are you booked in your lap? Hopefully it will help things having it done, it really helped my symptoms when I had my lap last year.

I've found even pain killers don't really take it off. I really don't want to have surgery again yet.


No problem, i get back pain too. It was pretty much daily but I had the demo injection last week and I can't believe how different I feel, its either that or Im just having a good week! Not booked in for a lap yet no, I was hoping for a cancellation as I am starting my teacher training at the start of September - looks like I will need to wait until Christmas. Some days I'm convinced I have it as I have lots of symptoms and other days i'm like no it can't be.

What are you taking? I was on codeine most days and when I could feel the pain through that I would up it to oramorph - which wasn't ideal as it would send me to sleep, so I can't take it when Im working or driving but when I'm in that much pain, it kills the pain and makes me sleep which helps!


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