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I've suffered with endometriosis for 11years now, but I'm at an all time low the pain is worse than ever before and I'm getting no warnings of a flare up like I used to resulting in more visits to the hospital for pain relief. My whole life is being effected and I know there are people out there who suffer much more than I do with endometriosis. I've tried numerous drugs to help but they only seem to last for short periods of time and I'm to young to have a hysterectomy but while at present I don't want anymore children as I'm grateful for the two I have got I may change my mind, I don't want to go down the route of a medically induced menopause or other treatment like that as I have tried a few hormonal treatments already and they only helped for 6-12months, I've had two laparoscopys one in 2006 and the other in 2011 but I only seem to have a problem with my left ovarie. I want to enjoy my children and to have a life again go back to work and just be able to have a "normal life" again not having to be constantly drugged up on pain killers or in agonising pain, the pain over the last 3years has progressively gotten worse that it's effected my driving too making it even harder to find work with living in the country with no bus route, it started taking my eldest to school one morning I had a flare up where the pain was so intense I thought I was going to pass out so had to pull over and get a family member to take my boy to school and take me home and leave my car parked up for a couple of days until I was fit to drive again, ever since then I had problems of feeling like the same was going to happen again and refused to go in the car unless it was absolutely nessecary but the problem just got worse so I decided to do something about it and did cbt and I did a session of hypnosis which has helped and I can do short journeys where I feel comfortable but I don't go very far and hate being so restricted when I used to be a very confident driver. Endometriosis has taken so much from me but I want control back now so I can enjoy my life and all I share it with. I went for another scan today and have just found I have another chocolate cyst on my left ovary which has again attatched to my bladder I go to the consultant next Wednesday to discuss the results which I can see resulting in another laparoscopy, I don't want more drugs or to have a hysterectomy as whilst I'm grateful for both my boys and at present don't want anymore children this thought could change but I don't want to suffer either, I spoke with someone who's daughters history is similar to mine and her daughter like me only had the problem with the one side and like me had the same feelings as I do now, she asked her consultant to remove the problem ovary which since touch wood she hasn't had a problem since, I'm thinking of doing the same next week and I just wondered if anyone else has had or felt similar and if it was a good choice they made?, how long the recovery period was? And if they have had problems since?. I know it can never be cured and I know it could spread to the right side but up till now I've never suffered with my right side so I'm thinking that if I have the left ovary removed that maybe I won't have the constant pain but I've still got options if I change my mind on wanting more children in the future.

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