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Oestrogen dominance, xenoestrogens and vaseline

I have just been reading an article about oestrogen dominance and beauty products. It seems that anything containing mineral oil or petroleum can increase estrogen in your body quite drastically. It's just awful finding out things like this. Things you have never given a second thought to. I have a pot of vaseline by my bed, and I have been putting it on my lips every night before bed for about 25 years. I had never heard about this anywhere before.

I have a large ovarian cyst, the size of an orange, not to mention the other symptoms of oestrogen dominance that have caused me a lot of unhappiness over the years.

Anyone who is knowledgeable about oestrogen dominance, xenoestrogens etc feel free to contact me. I'm wondering what else should be avoided, and how reliable the information regarding xenoestrogens in the environment is.

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If you do some googling you'll find lots of info! It's so scary and overwhelming. We can only do what we can. I try hard to eat cleanly but changing all of my beauty and household products is just too much.

If you are interested in using different beauty products, have a look at the green people website. I have changed to their shampoo because sulphates make my head itch (they're the things that make the shampoo lather up).


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