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Hi ladies, really struggling at the minute I have no appetite for dinner or lunch any proper meals. However I'm really craving sweet things, I am on my period at the moment but cravings should be before my period well that's when they normally are! Iv gained a stone in the last 6 months since being on a back to back pill this is my first month back having a period! I dont know what to do I'm clearing not getting many nutrients but I can only manage snacks. The more weight I gain the worse I feel the bloating doesn't help. Feeling kind of rubbish just wondered if anyone else was the same?

Or any advice? Thanks everyone in advance, hope everyone is ok xx

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Hi there, I had similar experiences and what I did is to start regular exercise, swimming and running, and meanwhile reducing the food I take and only healthy ones. This helps reduce the bloating and i lost a bit weight. It is not easy but helps me feel better.


I have this same experience every cycle, but have been able to try and curb the sweetness to fruits. Not having any other sweet options in the house helps! Maybe a green smoothie would be a sweet nutrient rich alternative, put a banana in to make it extra sweet and creamy and loads of spinach (you can't taste it).

I will then go onto a massive salt binge, literally eating rock salt out of the pot! Our bodies must be craving something...


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