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Lump on ovaries!

Hi ladies

I have endo and been on cerazette pill for a few months now continuously. Previous to that I was on zoladex for 3 months. I have not had a period for about a year and a half!!

Recently I have had a few lumps in my groin/ovary area. One lump I was told by my GP was a swollen lymph node but was low down. That eventually disappeared.

Since then for the last two months I've had a lump appear first on what seems to be my ovary area and the following month on the right side. The area is very tender to touch and is noticeably there. I also have had a lot of bloating and constipation! Could this be a cyst or just ovulation? (Not that I should be ovulating!)

I am going to my GP again as concerned! Just wondering if any of you could put my mind at ease and if any of you know or have had the same?

Thank you xxx


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