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My Lower back pain and pain does my legs have got worse since my operation my surgin told Me he Romoved all my Endo !! But seem to be in more pain that I was before can this still be recovery pain only been four weeks or does this mean he never got all my Endo feel like theirs no light at the end of the tunnel I am fed up going to doctors who don't have a clue no am not with bsge specialist as my doctor is refusing to refer me untill it's been three months since my operation is their Anthing I can do I am so worried

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sorry your suffering still if u were operated by general gynaecology then chances are they haven't got all your endometriosis when they done your lap did they tell u were ur Endo was lower back pain and leg pain can normally mean that the Endo can be present in the pouch of Douglas or could possibly be aheashions there like what I had and I had Endo in my womb iv only been a year and a half since my lap and my pain is back worse than ever im in process of being referred back to chronic pain team I hope you feel better soon and please push to be referred to bsge centre wish you the best of luck xxxx

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Hi just browsing previous posts. And I too suffer with horrendous back and leg pains. I've noticed you said could be due to the pouch of Douglas...what and where is this? I'm currently waiting on my referral back to gynaecologist as my surgery was 3 year ago may just gone. I've had continuous pain since however my gynaecologist made me feel like I was imagining the pain as he was certain he removed all. And I had a "mild case" apparently


It just behind ur womb Hun but lot of the times endo can grow on it as well as aheadions that's the reason it was glued to my womb my consultant said that often woman that have endo or aheadions not the pouch of Douglas get a lot of back pain I also get lower left sided pain in my stomach as well but my consultant has refered me back to gynaecology with the pain being so bad I'm just want a end to it to be honest I was told that the endometriosis in my womb is moderate xx


That makes sense to me now. Hopefully when I'm referred back they'll investigate more. I'm sure in 3 years it's definitely spread and increased. Hope you get sorted and some relief



yeah hopefully I do got appointment for gynaecology in September so hoping they do more like xc


After my last ablation it took around 3 months for pain to subside. So keep Chin up. I've got to have 3rd one done with fallopian tube removal and cystoscopy in October! 😞


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