Endo and work

Hello once again I apologise in advance as I am on this a lot and always looking for advice.

I'm feeling really stuck tonight as I've been really not well for over a year and still awaiting my diagnosis but determined it's endo due to my symptoms. Currently having more ease from pain as I'm on the injections for early menopause ...but okay here is my question last year around this time I got a new job and lost it due to being off ill and in pain. I've been on benefits for a year nearly I have two kids also. And I've been offered a 2 day a week job and really don't know what to do? Any advice would be great


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  • Hi,

    Is your concern that you need to work but you may not be able to keep it up due to health?

  • Yeah that's my concern cause I don't have diagnosis but 100% sure awaiting referral to specialist gyn! But this job opportunity has came up and don't no what to do! I feel so guilty being on benefits and supporting my kids !!

  • You can't help being unwell... Why don't you see how you get on and take it slowly? You can only do what you feel able to, guilt shouldn't come into it. Money isn't everything when supporting children (it helps!) but being there for them and clearly having them as a priority is and you're clearly doing that x

  • Thanks for ur advice just didn't really no what to do...don't want to miss opportunities if I get them. I was a qualified nurse but gave my career up due to this and starting a little less stressful job and loved it till I was let go due to being ill. This new post is similar and I do want to try. Just don't like letting anyone down and my kids too.

  • Wow, you'll have loads of transferable skills then. You should have the pick of work but not before you're ready. Endo makes us feel So much guilt but look at what you are modelling to your children: taking control and doing what's best for you all long term. You're not staying silent and burying your head in the sand. Please stop feeling guilty and do what is best for you all :-)

  • Ur right! Thank u so much. I think because endo isn't seen as a huge condition to a lot of people they can't believe it can effect ur life as much as it does.

  • Yeah I know. I'm sick of the "do you have a bad period again?" Comments and "you don't look in pain". People don't get it but it's not always their fault. Talk to the people who at least try to understand :-) good luck x

  • Hi, I was in a similar situation last year, now considering given up my job, I lost 2 part time jobs last tear, then I had a hysterectomy and found a job 12 hours a week, I took it, now feeling poorly again, thinking wether I should give up or not

    Why not take it and try, see how you feel,


  • Yeah I could do that take it and see it's just difficult going from work to not to work and potentially not ...I suppose I can't give up work on basis especially as it's long road really with this condition and it's not classed as a disabling I just so frustrating when I feel good I'm good but the bad just appears whenever it does and puts me off work again so frustrating

  • Hi there,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your past experiences, but I really am glad for you that this new opportunity's arisen!

    I'm 19 and have had endo for an estimated 2 years or so now. I'm currently in the middle of processing additional applications for finance and health support for uni. It turns out I'm eligible for DSA (Disability Student's Allowance) because of how my endo affects me as the official government definition of a disability is:

    "You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities."

    (See gov.uk/definition-of-disabi...)

    Endometriosis itself isn't classed as a disability, but its affect on an individual can be depending on its severity and frequency.

    Just like you, my good days are good, but then out of nowhere I can get dragged right down with he pain etc., so I totally sympathise and understand what it can be like!

    I just thought that it may be worth you checking to see if you're eligible for things like PIP etc as well. Obviously means tested, but just make ure they know how bad it really is when at its worst and how random and sudden it can be.

    Also, just on the note of being unsure to take the job or not, the change of scenery and keeping yourself occupied I think will really help! Even if only for 2 days a week. Being stuck in the place where you're always suffering will always make it harder to feel like you can move forwards. That's what I've found anyway.

    Hope thag this has helped somewhat, and I wish you all the best! Xx

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