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Hello all, 2 weeks ago i had a laparoscopy, cystectomy and hystoscopy, I was told the cyst ruptured whilst being removed. I was also told when I came round that the endometreosis has stuck my bowel an bladder. I was told I will have to have "definitive" surgery to treat that. I have been put on a 3 month cause of zoladex every 28 days. I am terrified of what the future is in relation to the surgery and have felt absolutely rubbish since the first injection yesterday. I feel so tired, sick, heady and achy. I am also still bleeding not particularly heavily but it seems a little offensive. I am a little bit concerned maybe I have an infection...... Has anyone been through similar please? I was only diagnosed with endometriosis 6 weeks ago and knew very little about it. It has all been a bit of whirlwind to be honest, I have been very lucky with the speed in which I have been treated and I can't currently fault the NHS! Thank you xxxx

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My endometriosis stuck my tummy together, including bowel to bladder. It was removed my keyhole surgery. When you see your consultant I would talk about a stent in your urethra tubes, as a precaution, just in case it gets damaged during the op. I had one and although painful, it helped. I had to go back in overnight because of constipation and there was a lady in the next bed that they were trying to put a stent in and they were having difficulties.


Thank you for your reply Jacqui, they've said they can't unstick mine through keyhole...... Stent! Oh god! It just gets worse...... My mind is working overtime! I'm not sure if I should just put up with the pain.....! Do you have a stent taken out in the end or have it forever? Do you mean it is painful putting it in or painful after? How long ago was that and how are you now? Thank you xx


The stent was a precaution. It came out about a month later. It isn't painful as such, the the removal wasn't too bad. Don't second guess everything. The procedure may not be needed, my lovely surgeon put it in just in case.

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