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I am having painful pelvic pain! It can last for hours. I have taken paracetamol and naproxen - and still in pain. Crying and feeling really sad . The gyn team discharged me because I refused to have a pelvic clear out to manage the pain. I am 36 and would like to have children. I have been married for 11 years.

What can I do to control the pain? They say I have endo and a ovarian cyst .

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Hi I have endo and I did have an ovarian cyst, which country are you based?


If you are taking a lot of such painkillers, you also need to be on something like Omeprazole, to stop ulcers and other digestive tissue damage.

When you say 'pelvic clearout' do you mean a laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis?? Also, have you already had an investigative laparoscopy, or not ... as in most cases endo cannot be firmly diagnosed without a laparoscopy. (NB I'm assuming you are in the UK)

If it is Endometriosis, in most cases the only sure way of getting rid of it is to have it surgically removed by 'specialist endometriosis surgeons. If you were referred to a 'Specialist Endo Centre' then you are in the best hands, and I would go ahead if that is what they suggest. However, if this is a general gynaecologist, especially if you have not yet had a firm diagnosis via a detailed laparoscopic investigation, I would go back to your GP and demand to be referred to a specialist (BSGE) endo clinic. Most ordinary gynaes do not have the necessary skills to examine all possible areas of the abdominal cavity ... to recognise and diagnose all the different forms of endo tissue ... and to then remove it surgically - wherever it is. Laser removal just grows back.

Sorry to say that 'Endo' is one of those conditions where you have to become your own best expert. I would get in touch with the advisors at 'Endo UK' (link at the top of this page), tell them everything that's been said and done, and ask where your nearest BSGE Centre is. Also, have a look at the posts, on here, by 'Lindle' as she seems to know almost all there is to know about Endo. I'm not sure about the cyst, but I assume that would need to be removed.


I get alot of that pain i take panadol i have taken heaps of medicine so i hate taking them now , and its not that good to take medicine so i boil green mint till it goes green and little bit of sugar and i drink it hot and keep my self cozy till i get better and it does work try it hun xxx


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