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I'm exhausted!

I was officially diagnosed with endo in April after my laparoscopy but I've known I've had this for nearly 2 years. I'm really struggling to cope with my day to day live with this. I'm in pain everyday, I've taken so much time off work because of this. My social life is non existent now because I'm in too much discomfort to even get dressed!

I've had a lap and had most of it removed (apparently) and I've also had the mirena coil fitted. It felt like it was getting better for a few weeks then June came and it came back as worse as it was before. All the doctors will say is take cocodemol. Which knocks me out so I'm unable to take it at work so I'm either suffering or sent home.

This is really depressing me, it's halting my career progression since I'm constantly off sick and if I am able to get to work I'm usually distracted by this constant pain to even do well. I don't know what else I can do and my doctors aren't very helpful because they don't know much about it themselves.

Im not good at talking to people about things so I feel like I'm silently suffering with this and no one really understands.

I feel so overwhelmed and exhausted!

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Is your pain localised to a particular area? Have you been treated by a BSGE centre? X


Not too sure what that is. My doctor hasn't mentioned it to me. Its in different places, my back, pelvis and a pain in my leg.


This story is like reading my own. I too was diagnosed via lap in april after being convinced I had it for two years. I take four lots of HRT continuously so have a period 4 times a year. Have only had one period this way so far but it really took it out of me and made me feel v ill. Think perhaps it has caused low B12 and iron issues again. I guess I just want to convey you're not alone, everyday I feel like no one gets this. Endometriosis UK do have support groups but I dont' have one in my area but I personally feel this would be good for me - I find it hard to talk to a voice on the phone but face to face I can listen to them first and talk when I'm comfortable - may be worth checking for you!

Good luck xx

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It really does feel like I'm dealing with this alone so this site is comforting to know I'm actually not going mad!

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