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Help please - any advice would be appreciated!

I'm 23 and had the laparoscopy 2 years ago to remove to remove the endo. It was slightly less painful afterwards but now it's back with a vengeance. I've been to my gp numerous times and all he does is give me a different kind of painkiller, tramadol, co-codamol, naproxen and it just doesn't seem to work! After my last visit he told me the best thing I can do is get pregnant and then get everything taken out. I am not in that place in my life to have a child yet so it's the last thing that I would consider right now. After much persuasion he's finally referred me back to the gyne to discuss the injections with me that he advised shut down your overies temporarily but bring on the effects and side effects on menapause. That's all I know about them at the moment but I'm quite scared to have them. Has anyone got any advice of anything else that they have tried? A contraceptive pill that works well? I asked the go about taking the mini pill which you take consists you with no breaks for a year and he just said it could work but it could not and left it at that. Any advice on anything would be much appreciated I just don't know what to do!!!

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Hi hunny, go back to your gp and tell him you want a refferal to a bsge specialist centre, look up online, and choose one near you,

Unfortunately your gp knows nothing about endometreosis as a hysterectomy would not be advised by a specialist, not at your age, and dosnt cure endo, the gold standard of treatment for endo is thorough excision surgery by a specialist,.

Look up a lady called Lindle on here, and read her posts,

I wouldn't have the zolodez injection s at your age, it would be silly to mess with your overies and hormones, at your age,

You need a laparoscopy and you should only allow a specialist near you,


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Thank you for your response. I'll try go back to the gp. He told me because I've had 1 laparoscopy 2 years ago he wouldn't recommend another so soon. I'll try again as I'm really confussed at the moment as to what to do

Thanks xxx


That's crap, I had a laparoscopy in Mach 15 and a hysterectomy in july15 for adenomyosis and now awaiting another laparoscopy with a bsge specialist centre, as I believe the gyne missed something,

You need a bsge specialist

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