Endo with the bowel

Hi guys, newbie here. I had my first endo specialist appointment last week after having a diagnostic laparoscopy in April. Essentially I was told that it was worse than I had been told originally and that it may have spread to my bowel. My gynae told me that may have to have a part of my bowel removed during my excision surgery (30% chance) and a temporary colostomy bag put in. Has anyone else ever had this? I'm really scared about the whole thing and reassurance would be great if anyone has any! x

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  • I had endo that had affected my bowel and was told similar to you but the surgeon wouldn't know the extent of damage until he looked surgically. I was having a hysterectomy as well. I had my surgeon and a bowel surgeon perform the op and they found the endo had infiltrated by bowel worse than expected and I had a complete section of bowel removed. No colostomy no complications, just a bigger wound than expected and a quick uncomplicated recovery. A year later life is much better my bowel can cause me a bit of bother but nothing too bad. Be positive xx

  • Thank you. That's made me feel better about it all :) xx

  • hey tracey 29 how long was your recovery for hysterectomy and a section of your bowel removed I'm having that surgery in 2 weeks and I'm craping my self

  • I had endo in my bowels too. I had a bowel surgeon create a tempt stoma to allow my bowels to recover. Its alot to take in and digest at 1st but i only had to have it for 12wks. The stoma nurses were all lovely and i soon adapted. Now after the reversal i can be a mum and wife which outweighs having to have the stoma. And best of all im pain free. Best of luck to u x

  • I think that's part of the problem is it's so much unknown and a lot to take in! But your story has made me feel better, so thank you! Keeping my fingers crossed though xx

  • hi Laura did you have your kids before or after your bowel surgery? and was you treated at a BSGE centre or general hospital?

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