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Is endo ablation day surgery?

Hi everyone,

Im on the waiting list for my 3rd surgery for laser ablation of endo. The previous two times I have had it done it was not done as day surgery, I was in overnight afterwards. Ive just had a call to say there's been a cancellation at the local day surgery unit. Tried to ring them back but it's ringing out. Just wondered if anyone has had ablation done as day surgery? The only day surgery I have ever had was a diagnostic lap back in 2008. My last surgery was feb 2015 and it involved an overnight stay. It's the same surgeon doing this one as all my other surgeries. When day surgery department call back im just not sure wether to accept it or not.

Thanks x

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Hi - it will be difficult for anyone to comment because in your last post you mentioned having work done on your uterosacral ligaments and this should only be done in an endo centre, but it seems you are happy with your consultant. The fact that you are having so many laps suggests that you are not being treated thoroughly. There is a considerable risk of increasing numbers of adhesions the more surgeries you have and they can end up being the major source of pain.


Hi Lindle, sorry I was just asking if anyone had had the surgery done as day surgery because I never have. I managed to get through to the day surgery department and the woman said that although they do removal of endometriosis in day surgery they don't do anything to do with the uterosacral ligaments and so she is emailing the consultant to check he definitely wants it to be day surgery. I would be very reluctant to go for this option as surely I require more time in theatre than the day surgery slot which is shorter, as he needs to thoroughly remove the endo. This links in with what you are saying about him perhaps not treating it thoroughly in the past which is a huge concern for me. As I live in Scotland, I was told that I would only be referred to bsge if I had deep infiltrating or rectovaginal endometriosis which I do not , and the consultant said therefore a referral to bsge is not necessary. To be quite honest I don't know what to do next! Waiting on the copies of my previous surgery write up from my gp as you suggested.


Oh things are so difficult in Scotland. Have we spoken privately because they have changed the messages set up and the name of the person the conversation is with is no longer shown. Only the last person to reply is shown and if that was me then I have no way of tracing people.

Do we know where your endo has been 'removed' from each time?

It isn't possible to generalise regarding any surgery in terms of time as everyone is so different and methods are different. When done properly, laser ablation removes endo completely by vaporising it in layers but for anything but very small areas it is extremely time consuming. It is usually combined with laser excision. What has been the work up to this 3rd lap and how does he know what you need to have done?


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