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Mri results

Hello all hope u r all well and having a good day.

Just wanted some advice about my mri results. As yet not been officially diagnosed but undergoing medical menopause and my specialist at bsge centre (who I haven't met yet but have appt soon ) arranged a pelvic mri...results basically in shirt hand said my bowel was looped over which made mri not as clear as it could be....ovaries and pelvis look "remarkable " there words. But a possible endometrial deposit may be sitting on the top of my bladder but not sure. To get it redone perhaps due to poor visibility but other than that remarkable. I'm a little worried what this means or outcome. What the consultant will do...everything a waiting game. My bowels r flaring up at moment too just a little advice anyone thanks

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I had that on mine to the word remarkable, and as I can gather it means just that, nothing to say about it as it appears normal, it's non conclusive so I would think your consultant will arrange a laparoscopy, xx


I'm hoping he does cause of my bowel too. Am I right in saying mri doesn't always show endo only if it's deep endo? Have u been diagnosed? Just comparing ur mri results to mine.? Thanks for reply also


I gave been diagnosed yes, in march last year, but still in pain after a laparoscopy and a hysterectomy for adenomyosis in july, I'm now awaiting another lap to check if something was left behind, endo only shows in certain locations and depths sizes ect



Thank u very much for ur feed back. I hope u get to the bottom and become pain free so unfair. Horrible disease. I just need to wait and hope my new consultant gives me a lap x


Yes deep endo shows on mri but not superficial deposits.i had a mri and it showed up deep nodules everywhere and an endomwtrioma showed up, it's in my utero sacral ligaments a nodule on posterior uterine margin,mild adhered to yeh sigmoid and a nodule on bladder wall everything showed up but on transvaginal and i had 3 showed absolutely nothing xx

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