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Referred for an ultra sound

Morning all.

just had an ultra sound scan after being referred by my GP. As expected nothing to be seen, but the doctor that did the scan told me I need a referral to see a gyne.

I suffered my entire adult life with terrible period pain, back pain, stabbing pains up my bottom, fatigue, terrible pmt.

I am 34 and am lucky to have two children, I really struggled to conceive number two. I was referred for some investigations but fell pregnant and everything stopped. I felt that because I had managed to have children most gp's just think get on with it and stop moaning.

Anyway my current surgery I have been with for 18 months, and I have changed my pill 3 times to try and

Control my symptoms. Two doctors at the surgery said they think I have endo. But if the pill can control symptoms there is no reason to do Anything else. My concern is That in the last few years I experience bleeding from my bottom just before my cycle , and more and more I experience pain and bleeding During sex.

The docs want me to have a coil fitted but I am so worried about having one fitted still not knowing if I have endo it not.

My surgery called to say my scan was all clear so I needed to do nothing, but I asked to see a doctor again as I am going to ask for a referral.

I understand you can get endo on the bowel and I worry that could be why I bleed from bottom, but also worry about just doing nothing as long term what damage is being done??!!

Sorry for long rant. Am I doing the right thing. I am just so fed up and exhausted now with the whole thing. I just want to know one way or the other. I don't want to have to take the pill forever as I am at increased risk of breast cancer as we have the gene in our family so continual hormones are not ideal, but I can't come off as the pain is unbearable, but my cycle is so unpredictable too.

😁😁😁😁😁😁 I just want to scream

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Hi Zoe - where in the UK are you?


Hi I am in Essex currently. We move around loads due to my husbands job x


As long as you are in England that is all that matters as you have access to NHS Choices. You are being treated completely inappropriately as it is well documented that young women treated with pain meds and hormones for years are often found to have deep endo later in life. You have symptoms that suggest this - back ache, pain with sex, stabbing pains up bum, IBS etc. It is your choice entirely if you want a lap and the most doctors are required to suggest (not insist on) is to try you on hormone meds for 3-6 months. You need to get into a mind set of owning your own body and taking charge of your treatment as is your right. It should be an equal partnership between doctor and patient but sadly with endo it is the patient who usually has to research her condition and educate the doctors. Have a look at my posts, in particular the one on the treatment pathway and on the one on the importance of having a diagnostic lap by someone who knows what they are doing. Also the ones on RV and uterosacral endo and how to find a specialist centre. Tell your GP you are a member of the Endo UK support network that is recommended in the NICE guidelines and you have been advised that you have symptoms suggestive of rectovaginal endo that must only be dealt with in a specialist centre and ask for a referral to a BSGE centre of your choice. Take some time to look at my posts so they will see you know what you are talking about and print off all the supporting docs such as the BSGE list. Come back if you have any problems.


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