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Endo pain whilst pregnant?

I have been suffering from many of the endometriosis symptoms since the start of my periods and was finally awaiting my first lap when I actually fell pregnant!

Baby is all healthy but ever since about 8 weeks pregnant, (I am now 21 weeks), I have been experiencing extremely painful and sharp pains when I go to the toilet (for emptying my bladder & vowels) in my lower tummy/pubice and this sometimes radiates up higher into my stomach. Sometimes it is so much agony that I have to stop and hold on to it! (I did use to experience this similar pain when emptying my bowels when I was on my period, but not quite as bad).

I have had all the swabs and urine tests and all have come back clear. The doctors didn't know what it is and so just tried telling me it was normal pregnancy stretching pains! Although it can't be as they would'nt only happen when emptying my bladder or bowels. When I mention endo, they tell me that endo disappears in pregnancy - which I heard is a myth?

I'm worried that if it is the endo then could it cause a tear or something where everything is moving and growing during pregnancy? I have also read horror stories of the endo "ripping" out your uterus and causing pre-term labour! Has anyone else experienced this and what were your outcomes?

Thank you!

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Hi. I have heard that pregnancy can subdue symptoms for some because they're not on the same hormone cycle, but don't forget that there could be scarring from endo which wouldn't go away or be subdued... so I guess what with baby growing then this could be putting pressure on these and causing pain? A lot of people get pains throughout the month and not just cyclical ones.

I have similar bowel pain when on my period, and was told that it wasn't really caused by anything else if it was cyclical like that. Then ended up getting formally diagnosed by lap.

Good luck with the pregnancy, and congratulations! :)


I literally could have written your post myself! How did the rest of your pregnancy go? I'm 19 weeks, in pain and so worried after being told it can't be endometriosis x


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