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Ovarian Cyst (scared of rupturing)

Hello, i'm a 20y.o girl not married and no kids

so 5 months ago I discoverd I had 4 ovarian cysts (functional) and went to the GYN and they put me on Birth control pills as a treatment for the PCOS ..

Two months after that all the cysts where gone except one which was 5cm on my left ovary .. They suspected it might be a dermoid

My period was normal so I kinda didn't care about it and was busy with my final exams for 2 months.

Now, I have weird abdomenal bloating sensation on my left ovary .. It feels like a ballon inside me ready to burst.. And I didn't even sleep last night I have terrible panic attack :(

My ultrasound is in 2 days from now but i'm scared that my cyst might rupture in anytime .. What can I do?? Should I be that worried?

Ps: i'm on the 10th day of my cycle someone told me it might just be ovulation symptoms but I don't think so..


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