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Still the same

Evening ladies,

I haven't posted on here for a long time now, so this is just a little update!

I had my terrible "follow up" operation appointment. Was told the ASAP emergency appointment next would be 8th August. They're making me wait 6 months for a decent appointment about my surgery!

I've blacked out a few times due to being so weak and tired. I actually blacked out & fell onto a metal step. Chipped my knee cap & ligament damage, I was in a knee brace and now having physio 😩

I'm currently on my period, as usual it's horrific. I'm still flooding & clotting, and the pain is unreal. What I've noticed the last 3 months is that I've been having terrible hot flushes. I can't control them, there's no happy medium, it's all or nothing. I get SO hot and sticky it's so uncomfortable. They last for a while too. I don't have to be on my period for this to happen. I've been like this all day today! Is this something that's linked to endometriosis ? Does anyone else suffer also? Or can anyone shed any light onto the flushes?

Ellis xxx

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may be age related or early menopause or hormonal


I'm 21...


Hiya hunni, are you on any meds or hormonal treatment? Pill?

I get hot flushes too but I have the Mirena coil in, even before having the coil I was getting hot flushes, I think it may be a hormone thing tbh?

I'm sorry I'm not much use, I'm only 20 myself xx

I hope it eases off for you soon and you feel better xx


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