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Counting first day of period

Hello Ladies!

Hope you're all having a relatively pain free day! Same cannot be said for me today unfortunately :(. Sorry if this is a bit TMI, but do any of you find that you have the need to go to the bathroom a lot more frequently on the day your period comes? I feel like i'm constantly back and forth as well as feeling horrible amounts of nausea . . .

On another topic, my husband and I have decided given the circumstances, it's a good time to start trying for a baby as we don't know how long it might take to conceive. The only thing is that I tend to bleed a little bit just before my period.. usually horrible dark brown old blood . . . my question is does anybody else experience this? From what day do you start counting as your 1st day of your cycle? When you start seeing spotting or when you get your full flow?


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Hi I think you can by test kits to track things like ovulation etc. So it might be worth looking into that. It would help to determine when your period actually starts. With regards to going to toilet more often yes I used to find that. I think it's probably due to uterus becoming enlarged and putting more pressure on bladder which sits in front of it.


Yes, I would need the loo far more often in the days just before my period. For both bladder and bowel. I'm on Prostap at the minute which has resolved that problem for now, waiting for a lap next month.

I also had the dark brown bleeding before my first lap. Eventually it would be all month long which really got me down. I would consider the first day of your period to be the first day you see red/fresh looking blood but ovulation testing kits as Jean suggested would be more specific. Good luck X


I always counted the first day of my period as being the day I had brown spotty blood. But for me that usually lasted two days and then the bright red blood came. I am not 100% sure that is when my period really started, but using that method for counting has resulted in my getting pregnant twice, so it can't have been that wrong. Hope you conceive soon!!


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