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I finally got diagnosed with endometriosis after many years of going to my doctors in absolute agony. I finally got referred to the hospital end of last year and had a laparoscopy on 4th March this year where they discovered endometriosis on both ovaries and removed it. I was signed off work for two weeks which was definitely needed, but I can't get over how long it is taking to recover. I went back to the hospital 3 weeks ago as I was getting worried about the pain and my doctors thought something might not have healed right inside. My surgeon checked me over and was told everything was fine and that it's recovery pain from the surgery which that can take up to a year to heal.

On a positive note my extremely painful periods are no more :) I just didn't realise it would take this long to recover from surgery.

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Hey Vicky

Just wanted to say hi. Don't be so hard on yourself regarding recovery, everyone is different. My 1st lap I took 2 weeks off too but really it wasn't enough, I should have had more time. 2nd lap I took 5 weeks off and went back mornings on the 6th week. Again I could have taken/should have taken more time x


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