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Vegan 'cure' endo?

Hi Beautiful Ladies!

Just wondering if going Vegan actually helps endo symptoms so much that anyone has experienced remission or has been able to come off all meds? Ive been researching diets and it all sounds like gluten, dairy, meat free diets are the go - is VEGAN or RAW the way to go? Any comments would be very much appreciated. Peace and love xx

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A lot of people do seem to benefit from dietary changes but my own personal experience has been that it didn't make any different in the long term (sorry:/). Was gluten free for almost a year during which time my pain continued to worsen. Have also had several long periods of being dairy free. I have stage 4 endo with extensive bowel endometriosis and adenomyosis.

It's worth a try but in my experience it's not a miracle cure.

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Awe I'm so sorry it didn't work for u hun.. I'm in a similar situation - endo everywhere, pain almost daily... I'm trying to find natural ways to help combat this as its just awfu. Sending u so much healing energy and live. Thanks for your reply xh


Sorry darlin I wrote u a reply but it went in below as a comment x


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