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Endo diet

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So i been to see the docs regarding my endo and she suggested i should change my diet as this helps the endo inflammation settle as certain food trigger it. So i think she said to go gluten free now im.pretty new to all this not sure were to start.. 😥 so if anyone here has a good diet plan they have been doing or recipes pls share with me and if u know of any certain food which makes this condition worse pls share any good advice pls as im struggling but i do want to improve my condition naturally and give it a go. Due to.the virus not much help can be given from hospital at the moment just hard times 😥😥.

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👏🏽👏🏽Well done to your doctor not many recommend changing your diet and are absolutely clueless about diet changes x

I went gluten free about 5 years ago and it has definitely helped reduce my flare ups. There is plenty of info out there, and everyone is different so expect a bit of trial and error. I would say to be careful buying too much of the over processed GF alternatives as a lot of the time they are packed with sugar. Also try to eat more natural anti inflammatory spices like turmeric and ginger. It might help for you to keep a food diary while you're figuring out what works for you.

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Yh i been having turmeric in my milk every night x i brought this flour said gluten free plain flour tried making wraps out of that it failed big time🤣

Did you find turmeric helped? I’m keen to see what else I can do to manage my endometriosis. I was supposed to see a consultant to chat through next steps but it’s been delayed so I’m looking at what I can try in the meantime

Yes it helps me quite alot i put a teaspoon of it in the milk with honey

That’s great, thank you so much! Where do you usually get yours from?

Well u can get it from.asda it be in the asian section or a asian shop will have it good luck xx hope.it helps im struggling to aswel.and do want to be on medication for long so.

Try a diet see if that helps

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Also gluten free very expensive! Gosh i didnt realise it would be. Do u know if whole meal flour any good? Its like a brown and white mix flour

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Yeah, it's frustrating how much more they charge for it! Rice is your new best friend 😬 I don't get on with wholemeal either, I have to stick to completely GF and limit my sugar intake or it flares up - but sure everyone tolerates these differently and it might take time to find out what works for you.

Hang in there. I was in the same shoes last year. It is hard, so change your diet gradually. But I started feeling more energy and my bloated belly was gone within 2 months! The pain is still there, I cannot say what helped me more surgery, IUD or diet. But at least for how I feel my body, i am grateful.

Try to eat organic. Recipes are basically the same, just with better ingredients and less sugar. I use maple syrup. If you decide to use agave syrup, please research. It is not as good as people say.

I have been gluten free before I started the diet, so it was a bit easy for me. There are so many GF options out there. The hardest one is baking, but you will learn how flours behave. Again, give yourself some time. My kids have celiac which is much harder than just be GF. You do not need to worry about cross contamination, just avoiding gluten bread, pasta,baked staff. GF pasta is very good. PM me and i will give you a few brands. But so far most pasta from Italy is very good. Also you will acquire test for GF baked goods. You also should cheat :) to eat something delicious that you really want, until you find GF substitute.

Take read meats out, you still can have chicken, turkey, fish. So delicious. Just substitute red meat in your recipes with other meat.

Dairy.... if you love cheese, you still will get there. I loved cheese. Could not imagine myself without it. I tried cheese another day....did not like that much. Do not miss coffee with milk either. But i like smell, so when it was tempting i tried a few sips here and there. decided I do not like it anymore:) At the beginning i tried cheese substitutes, now i do not like them either.

No usual chips, but you can make some by baking.

here are the latest recipies that I am trying: withfoodandlove.com/caulifl... . If you feel overwhelmed by them, then come back later, when you know ingredients better.


here are some that I just found: endo-resolved.com/recipes-f...

Give yourself time to get use to it. Try some recipies that you already know how to make: tea, salat, grilled fish, meat, soup. Eventually you will find yourself eating more veggies, fruits and all other yummy staff.

Hey there!

There are some easy replacements you can do, luckily Tesco has gluten free section (for bead and everything else including beer).



Hi. I have put myself on an exclusion diet as I have been left without medical support after investigative lap and my symptoms considerably worsened. So, since May 2019, I am free from :gluten, dairy, soya, caffeine, chocolate (these are the major culprits that bring in a lot of oestrogen, bloating and pain), also dry beans, apple, brown rice, and due to associated IC, tomato purée and hot spices. I also complement with magnesium glycenate, vitamin D, iron. It helps a lot, it's worth trying and reintroduce one food back after 1 month to see if your tummy reacts. The GPs are useless in helping. I was also told at a London hospital that 50% of women with endo will have IBS. There is a book by Dr Andrew Cooke that is recommended. My meals are also incorporated in the family meals so that psychologically I don't feel excluded, ie when I cook mashed potatoes for them, I will cook a mix of normal potatoes with sweet potatoes, add a bit of almond or coconut milk, and the stocks of gluten free pasta have not been depleted in the shops 😊Risotto are nice. I also cook rice and quinoa and/or green peas together and make a salad by adding tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions with mayo/vega mayo,. Hot chocolate with coconut /almond milk. Vegan chocolate on-line Heavenly chocolate, decaff coffee, have a snack every 2 hours to keep your blood sugar level, banana helps, nuts if you can tolerate them, casseroles are nice. Stay safe and I hope you find what works for you. x

I try and stick to the Mediterranean diet (when I can eat a meal that is) but use brown pasta or rice and dont put cheese on my meals etc. I make all if my own sauces which means less salt and only natural sugars.Personally I still struggle daily but I find then if I'm in a bad way and you get told your constipated! Or your diet is poor I can hand on heart say well I'm doing my best I stick to this diet. I keep a diary of everything I have eaten just so I can look back and say well that week was worse because I had more wine etc I think you will definitely know your doing your best not to have a flare up and if it is still really bad you can take your diary to your appointment etc.

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